Auto Detailing Packages

Our services range from our detailing packages or individual a la carte detail services to window tint and PPF installations.  Any of these options, separate or combined, are designed to meet the needs and expectations of our valued and discerning customers. With competitive pricing to other shops in the area, we believe our superior service is the highest value for your dollar.

We take great pride in the quality of our work, and assure the complete satisfaction of our customers. For the absolute best in auto and boat detailing or window tint and PPF installations, we invite you to call or stop by for a complete evaluation of your needs and the development of a specific plan to meet them.  Check out our Pricing Page and get started today!

Full Detail Package

The Full Detail begins with a delicate hand wash.  In this process, the entire exterior of the vehicle is mitt-washed, the engine is degreased, the door jambs are cleaned out, the mats are scrubbed down and pressure washed, and the rims, tires and wheel wells are cleaned. After the vehicle has been washed, we follow with a claybar treatment to remove any surface contaminates that are not typically removed with washing alone. The vehicle is then dried and moved out of the wash bay to begin the rest of the detail process. We begin on the interior of the vehicle with a detailed vacuum. Compressed air is used to reach areas that are normally impossible to reach with a vacuum alone. All the interior plastics, vinyl, and leather pieces are thoroughly cleaned. The carpets and fabric seats are scrubbed down, and then extracted with our hot steam extractor  – 210° water at 100psi. Leather seats are scrubbed down with a special horse hair brush. We then apply a dressing to all the interior plastics and vinyl to help protect the interior, leaving it looking sharp with a satin, non-greasy finish. Leather seats (and any other leather found on the interior) receive a conditioner to help preserve the leather. Moving to the exterior of the vehicle, a coat of wax is applied with a dual-action polisher. The tires are dressed, and any plastic exterior trim pieces are treated with a special exterior dressing. The engine bay is dressed as well to give a like-new luster to all of the plastics and hoses found under the hood. Wax is removed with microfiber towels after it has had adequate time to cure, windows are left streak-free inside and out, and the process is wrapped up with a final vacuum and a thorough 33-point inspection.

Interior Detail Includes:

  • Courtesy exterior wash
  • Cleaning and extraction of mats
  • Detailed vacuum
  • Cleaning and extraction of fabric seats
  • Cleaning and conditioning of leather seats
  • Cleaning and shining of all interior plastics, vinyl, and leather
  • Windows (inside and out)

Exterior Detail – Includes:

  • Delicate hand wash
  • Engine degrease/dressing
  • Detailed wheel/tire/wheel well cleaning
  • Claybar treatment
  • Wax applied with dual-action polisher
  • Tire and exterior trim dressing
  • Windows (inside and out)

Window Tint and Paint Protection Film

Window tint and Paint Protection Film (PPF) are two of the best ways to protect your vehicle and to keep it looking sharp. Our window film rejects 99% of UV rays, making it one of the most effective ways to protect your vehicles interior. We use primarily 3M Color Stable window film – one of the best films in the industry. Color Stable is backed by a lifetime warranty provided by 3M, including warranty against color fading – never turns purple. Guaranteed.

Xpel PPF is an effective way to keep the exterior of your vehicle looking new. By applying a transparent urethane film to the impact-prone areas of your vehicle, a barrier is created between your paint and the rocks, bugs, and other debris that it is exposed to on the road. PPF is extremely versatile, and can be applied almost anywhere on the exterior of your vehicle. From basic protection on the front of the vehicle to entire vehicle wraps, at Manhattan Auto Spa we are equipped to do it all.

All window tint/PPF installers at Manhattan Auto Spa have been trained by and have certifications from 3M. Call us today for more information on how your vehicle can benefit from window tint and paint protection film or to set up an appointment!

Headlamp Restoration

If your headlamps are faded, not only does this affect the appearance of your vehicle, but it may be limiting your visibility at night. New headlamps can be very costly to replace. Thankfully there is another option! Our headlight reconditioning process restores the clarity to the headlights by removing the oxidation, yellowing, fading and other imperfections from the exterior of the headlamp. A pneumatic tool is used to carefully sand down these imperfections, and then work the headlight back to clarity in a delicate six-step process. Once the headlight has been reconditioned, a synthetic sealant is applied to help protect it.